To quench the thirst for knowledge of the pupils, the college has three storeyed a spacious and well – stocked library. The college library has good collection of more than Volumes of books and subscribe  journals of national and international. Apart from print journals college subscribed 10 online e journals packages and e books. All modern resources such as cd-rom, online database, journals, audio- visual for NPTEL video and web courses are also available. It uses the state-of-the-art technology in its function and services.

Library Rules and Regulation

1. Strict Silence should be observed in the library
2. Each student is permitted to borrow five books at a time from the library
3. A Borrower taking a book on loan will have to check the book and inform the librarian if there is any damage. A fine of rs.30/- will be collected for any damage to the book.
4. Books Borrowed on Loan must be returned within a month, in Default of Punctual Return of a book, fine will be levied as Re.1.00 per working day.
5. Books may be renewed for a further Period of another month and renewal will be permitted if no other student has applied for the books in the meantime. More than two consecutive renewals will not be allowed
6. Books that are in Special Demand may be called for at any time, if required.
7. Books Borrowed from the library are not transferable
8. Library books must be returned when Students go Home on Long Vacation
9. Students are required to use Library Books with care. Marking, Underlining and Annotation in the books are not permitted.
10. If a library books is damaged or missed, double the cost of the book a long with fine, if any, will be collected from the concerned.
11. Magazines and journals are ordinarily not lent out. After perusal, they must be kept in their respective places
12. Loan of books may be terminated at any time for contravening the above rules.
13. Library rules will be revised and /or finalized by the library committee from time to time.
14. Students will be admitted to the library only on producing their identity cards.
15. All the students are instructed to place their signature in the e – gate entrance register

Institutional Membership

The college is an institutional member of the IE(I) Library, Anna University Library and British Council Library, Chennai to facilitate the staff and students to borrow books, journals and video programmes that are not available in the institution.

Online Public Access Catalogue

The library is equipped with computerised Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for searching availability of books and CD-ROMs. Barcode system is followed in all transactions.